18 Litres of 95% Pure Oxygen

Your pure, natural 95% oxygen boost in a can

Your all natural 95%
pure oxygen boost in a can

Our Range of
Pure Oxygen Products

Increased Overall Performance by 25%

o2 Oxygen is 95% pure oxygen (with 5% ambient air) that is available in a light-weight, easy-to-use canister. It is to be used as a supplement to enhance sports performance and recovery, remedy hangovers and fatigue as well as promote a heightened sense of personal health and well-being.

Why Oxygen In a Can?

Why Oxygen
In a Can?


Oxygen is the catalyst for effective brain function. It’s also nature’s antibiotic, assisting the bloodstream in fighting infection and providing the extra spark needed to encourage overall health, remedying fatigue & hangovers.

Health & Wellness

Breathing Oxygen will boost energy, alleviate stress, improve mental clarity and memory, support collagen production and to top it all off, the immune system and protect the body against the negative effects of air pollution.


During periods of strenuous physical exercise the body’s natural response is to inhale more frequently & deeply to increase levels of oxygen. It can increase  performance by up to 25% and minimise your recovery time.

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